quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2009


Guido, Daniela and Luca!!!

All the good for you all!!! Take care of you! Take care of the baby!!!

I'll wait for pictures, stories, changing dippers, milk, crying, more crying, more dippers, small baby clothes, nice quiet baby room.... I will wait until you tell me all about it!!!


Loved to talk to you!

Inês, your portuguese friend in Luanda, Angola, Africa!

Coming soon!!!

Sooner, it will be mine!!!

More news preety soon!!!


quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

2 + 2 = Here I go!!!

This morning was though... I did not sleep so well, I woke up tired, and worse... my mood was not the best in the world...

These last 2 months have been stressful, and for sure that has affected my well being... my mood (again this word)... the way I see and hear things... the way I think about.... mostly everything... and worse than anything mentioned before... the way I relate to other people... Believe me my friends.... You know me! I am usually secure with myself and things around me.... but... Jesus..... The rent, car, go, no go, changes, many changes, people, going, leaving, coming, few time, long time, pay, no pay, wait, dance, not so much.... and lots of stress.... all this at the same time!!!

So now you can imagine why this morning I woke up with the idea to antecipate my trip to Portugal... I need air... Somehow I knew in advance it was not going to be easy this new year. I felt it by the time I was more or less in between my apartment (in Lisbon) and Lisbon airport, on 7th, January 2009.

Anyway.... to fight against this tireness feeling, I went to south for Carnival! Same place, same nice time... but not the same... water and fish! :(
The most recent rains drove to sandy and revolted sea water... and for that reason, not even our own hands we could see below water... pitty.... but luckly we had meat!!!

I leave you with some pictures! Enjoy!

... next time I'll be fine! ... promise!

Kiss to all.... really.... to ALL!

Simply Me!!!